• The quick-dry system uses only 5% of the water a steam cleaner would use, allowing carpets to dry faster
  • Cleaner is applied at room temperature, avoiding any shrinking of the carpet or future buckling
  • Our cleaning products are soap-free, safe and non-toxic - completely safe for children and pets
  • We give firm quotes over the phone for residential cleanings
  • We only clean carpets, unlike our competitors who clean tile, upholstery, air ducts, etc.  Our philosophy is to do one thing well and be the best at it!
  • We provide all our customers with spot cleaner at no charge
  • Drying time is dependent on amount of cleaner used and ambient climate; heavily soiled carpets require more saturation to clean and will take longer to dry
  • Warm and well ventilated climates decrease drying time - in winter using the heater and/or fans speeds drying

Trembley Carpet Cleaning, Inc.
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San Carlos, CA  94070
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Trembley Carpet Cleaning uses an environmentally friendly cleaner to clean carpets.  We offer outstanding on-demand pricing, as well as discounts for pre-scheduled quarterly or bi-annual service.  

Here are some things you should know about our service and cleaning process: